Products 100% BIO +, much more than organic

Why settle for organic food? Demand higher quality standards


We define our products 100% BIO + because they offer a safety standard and a health advantage superior to conventional organic products. Thanks to the greater availability of active ingredients, the total traceability of the supply chain and the reduced quantity of food pollutants present, such as AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products), mycotoxins or irradiations; we assure you genuine and biologically certified products. We don’t tolerate either the 0.9% of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) for our products.

But 100% BIO + also means a careful control of each production phase: from before the seed is planted, until packaging to follow transport and storage. The control analyzes, to guarantee the final consumer, are carried out by independent laboratories and can be consulted by anyone who wishes. Equilibrium Food produces only foods that maintain their characteristics of genetic purity along their entire production chain, thanks also to processing methods capable of safeguarding nutritional values. This way, we are able to assure you of foods that will help you maintain a correct and healthy diet without giving up the pleasure of good food.

100% BIO + thanks to the guarantee of genetic purity that brings them a step ahead compared to conventional organic foods


The flour

Our selection of flour

Today, almost all of the durum wheat produced in the world is obtained from crops that have undergone genetic mutations. Our organic flours are instead produced starting from raw materials of excellence, even at the origin. Our research has in fact taken into consideration only ancient hard grains that have never undergone artificial mutations. This led us to know, evaluate and select some breeds of spikes such as the Cappelli wheat, originally from Puglia; where a careful natural selection started in 1915 by Nazareno Strampelli has meant that for decades this stock represented one of the most widespread cultivations in Southern Italy and in the Islands.

To ensure the total safety of our food, then we evaluate the agronomic techniques for the production of wheat and verify that even in these phases the methods of organic farming are respected and no weed-killers harmful to your health and the ecosystem are used.

Finally, even during the milling of the wheat, we are careful that the flour is obtained only through methods that respect the raw materials, such as stone mill, which preserves all the nutritional characteristics of the grain, so that the rate of refining does not decrease the proteins respect the starches.

The nutritional qualities of Equilibrium flour

The result of this selection is a flour with excellent nutritional qualities and high protein value, which we can sell with an exclusive ingredient: the guarantee of a healthy and correct diet.
Other unique features are:

  • the fiber content;
  • the high quantity of zinc;
  • very low percentage of sodium (practically without salt);
  • absent cholesterol;
  • fewer calories;
  • few greases.


Our pasta is produced with a careful selection of semolina obtained from the grinding of organic durum wheat grown in Italy and genetically pure at the origin. Other ingredients of the highest quality are the spices, even these biological, such as turmeric and black pepper that increase the nutritional yield of the pasta.

The pasta making

The processing of these raw materials takes place through the disciplinary of organic farming and only through processing techniques that enhance the nutritional characteristics and the genuine taste of the wheat. In the production, tradition and methods of the ancient pasta makers are respected like the bronze drawing and the low temperatures for the drying.


The mass of the pasta is in fact pulled through special dies which make it the rough surface, more suitable to retain the sauce. Subsequently, the pasta is placed in drying rooms at a low temperature, around 45 ° for a period ranging from 24 hours up to 36 hours for long formats. In fact, drying at low temperature, in addition to preserving intact its nutritional properties, ensures that the characteristic flavor of the grain is maintained and preserves all its characteristics. On the contrary, drying at high temperatures would result in the flattening of the flavor and above all the deprivation of many nutritive properties and some essential amino acids. 

The attention paid to the production processes guarantees you a truly nutritious product, with an authentic taste that enhances the flavors of your recipe.

Variety and genuine taste

The attention paid to all production processes guarantees you a truly nutritious and authentic taste product, allowing you to consume a meal that maintains its nutritional properties and enhances the flavors of your recipe.

In addition, in addition to traditional pasta, it is also available aromatized pasta with special spices to amplify the healthy effects on your body.



The Crackers Equilibrium Intelligent Food are produced starting from 100% organic durum wheat flour with certified DNA, which has never undergone artificially induced mutations. The recipe of our crackers is simple: we use only flax seeds, rosemary and extra virgin olive oil of biological origin obtained from cold mechanical pressing. In addition, leavening agents are not used and we keep a low amount of salt.

This selection of ingredients, allows us to ensure a delicious snack and without contraindications, suitable for adults and children thanks to the wealth of polyunsaturated fatty acids like Omega-3



Our biscuits are produced only with the best raw materials that have proven to possess a perfect biocompatibility with the human body. The best flours from 100% cereals from Italian agriculture are always used, in no way artificially manipulated in their genetic structure and adding only extra virgin olive oil, also this obtained strictly from Italian organic farming.

To enhance the flavors of the individual ingredients, we add only the minimum amount of integral sugars, or the least processed possible. Finally, for leavening, we rely exclusively on sourdough or possibly potassium salts, two solutions that are nutritionally very valid compared to selected yeasts or chemicals usually used in industrial processes and which contain stabilizers of animal origin.

With these excellent ingredients, we formulate recipes that guarantee the product a very low glycemic index that facilitates the maintenance of blood sugar levels without creating peaks that can trigger negative pathophysiological mechanisms without renouncing the pleasure of a crispy snack, greedy it is healthy.

Handcrafted products at low temperature, respecting raw materials

All our biscuits are cooked at low temperature to ensure both the integrity of the nutrients, and to minimize the production of AGEs or those chemicals that, in excess, can be harmful because in some cases may be the basis of the processes degenerative diseases of the human organism.

The cooking at low temperature allows us instead to maintain intact the nutritional value of our precious raw materials.



Chocolate is the latest news at the Equilibrium. We have created this product with an eye for the sweet tooth and because we believe that a healthy diet does not necessarily have to be a diet made of sacrifices.

We use 85% pure dark chocolate obtained from cocoa beans from the best fair trade of Dominican Republic, Panama and Costa Rica.

What makes this tablet unique in its kind, however, are the production processes and its ingredients. Thanks to the addition of a nano-emulsion of curcumin and black cumin, we have managed to obtain a very high bioavailability which can be up to 100 times higher than a normal powder extract. In addition, they have been added: Inulin, a natural fiber capable of nourishing only the well-defined intestinal bacteria and improving the profile of sugar and cholesterol in the blood and potassium, to counteract the acidifying effect of the chocolate; making this food the perfect snack: safe and functional from a nutritional point of view.


Extra virgin olive oil

The Italian organic extra virgin olive oil with high polyphenolic power <500 mg / Kg is certainly one of the most beneficial foods in the world, but it is just as rare to find it on the market.

Our olives have been grown and milled in the oil mill and in the fields of a single farm according to the rules of organic farming. The milling with continuous cold pressing is in fact a low yield processing method which nevertheless produces a very high-quality oil. By applying the concept of “short supply chain” to our products, we are therefore able to ensure total transparency and control throughout the food chain.

Furthermore, our oil is very rich in polyphenols.

These contribute: to increase the inflammatory properties, to protect against the oxidative damage of LDL, to maintain normal blood pressure and to favor the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract as well as the defense of the organism against external agents.



Our wine that has a very high quantity of resveratrol, produced with a selection of grapes chosen for their antioxidant properties and with a high content of polyphenols; presents itself to the sight of an intense ruby color, enveloping and aristocratic in its perfumes, it offers sensations of fullness and body to the palate. The strict controls and the in-depth research of our scientific committee together with the expert oenologist Giorgio Gozzellino, allow us to assure you of a wine with unique nutritional properties.

Just one glass a day is enough to enjoy all the benefits of red wine without taking excessive amounts of alcohol. Among the advantages of this drink, we find the ability to increase the antioxidant barrier in the blood, the anti-aging, anti-diabetic, anti-tumor effects and the ability to decrease the incidence of cardiovascular diseases.



In some recent academic studies, it has been shown that flax seeds have gained an important position in the field of nutritional sciences because of their fundamental role as an antioxidant agent.

Always in line with the major scientific discoveries, we at Equilibrium, we select for you the best production of flax seeds for food, only from organic crops and 100% of Italian origin.

This means not only the absence of chemical fertilizers and herbicides but, above all, a choice of the most appropriate cultivation techniques (crop rotation, abundant organic fertilization, shallow soil processing, 3-year crop of medical herb, harrow use to eradicate weeds). Even the seeds are chosen for their genetic purity, without any kind of manipulation to their DNA (irradiation, GMO, etc.) to always offer the best organoleptic quality and biocompatibility with the organism.

As a result, we guarantee you flaxseeds with the highest amount of Omega3, a particularly healthy fat that makes this food a fundamental substance for an healthy and proper nutrition as well as the secret ingredient for your wellness recipes.