Calories: why count them is not enough to lose weight?


Today we would like to focus on the topic of calories because we will never tire of repeating it, it is not the calculation of calories that ensures an effective weight loss but the quality of the food that we offer daily to our body. In addition to the risk of making an approximate calculation, there are at least nine other reasons that prove why it is not enough to count calories to lose weight.

  1. We are not stoves with which the caloric (thermal) power of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats has been established;
  2. Man produces chemical energy from food and not thermal energy;
  3. We use energy to metabolize a food because we use energy to chew it, digest it, assimilate it and free ourselves from toxins supplied by this food, all factors excluded from calorie counting;
  4. The current calorie calculation system is based on tables dating back to 1870;
  5. The nutritional value written on the labels of a food with more than one ingredient is calculated simply by adding the calories of the various ingredients and not considering the energy that will be spent to digest;
  6. The same food can be metabolized in different ways producing and employing different energies, so the fixed concept of the calorie is absurd;
  7. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are not all the same, those of some foods are more bioavailable than others and their biochemistry depends on the foods that have been eaten previously, from those that accompany them, from the time of day;
  8. Our hormonal condition, our mood, the condition of the intestine, the stomach, the liver, the pancreas, the mental state, physical activity, the environment in which we live are all factors that determine how we metabolize, how much energy we use, how much we accumulate and how much we produce.

The conclusion? Always the same: eat enough, healthy, fresh, seasonal foods, produced with natural methods. No salt, sugar, refined flours and industrial food. Reduce stress and spend more time on physical activity. This is the only recipe for longevity!

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