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The evolution of the food industry and the increase in diseases

Over the past 60 years, food technology developed very rapidly to cope with the growing demand from the global industry. The man on the contrary, took thousands of years evolve and unfortunately, he was not always able to adapt to such sudden changes, thus, our body takes a long time before being able to adapt to the evolution of [food] technology. In this perspective, for decades now, the scientific community has agreed to attribute to the food industry a significant role in this scenario. Very often, in order to meet the economic needs, genetically modified products and contaminants have been introduced in cultivation and production processes, causing side effects rather evident for our health. The proof is the increase of Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, diabetes, depression and obesity which today register an unprecedented surge.

A consumer more attentive to food culture

The consequence of all this, is reflected today in the growing number of people who, sensitive to the problem of nutrition, have discovered an effective form of prevention in functional foods; approaching daily and simply a valid alternative to conventional foods.

In fact, Equilibrium Food wants to put Mother Nature in a position to fully express its potential benefit, knowingly combining the various ingredients according to careful formulas in order to amplify the effect of these foods on our body. Our ambition is therefore to spread a healthy food culture, providing valid products and knowledge that will inform you and allow you to recognize and defend yourself from the pitfalls related to modern food.

Why Equilibrium Food is born

Equilibrium Food, therefore, arises from an in-depth research of our nutritionists that, starting from simple ingredients and processes that enhance their nutritional properties and combining the knowledge of a team of researchers and agronomists; has identified Equilibrium Food’s mission: to guarantee you products with the highest nutritional value, maximum transparency, and traceability of the food supply chain

The Equilibrium Scientific Committee

alimenti funzionali BIO+ Equilibrium Food

The nutritional research of Equilibrium Food

Our scientific committee makes use of Nutritionists and Researchers who have dedicated their lives to promoting well-being through conscious nutrition, making available the results of the latest discoveries, to formulate, analyze and promote with confidence, foods that can really improve life. We collaborate with an external team of excellence consisting of: academics, laboratory analysts and independent and non-certified certification bodies, which guarantee the quality and safety of the final product unique in its kind.

antonello sannia equilibrium food

Dr. Antonello Sannia

Honorary President (1954 – 2015)

He graduated in Biological Sciences in 1978 at the University of Pavia and since 1981 he has been a researcher at the Institute of Pharmacology, now Department of Physiological and Pharmacological Sciences, Cellular and Molecular, Section of Pharmacology and Pharmacological Biotechnology. Since 1995 he has been member of the scientific committee and the board of directors of the interdisciplinary center of Sport Biology and Medicine of the University of Pavia. He was a Referee for International Application Grant and a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness. She has been entrusted with numerous courses of the 1st level Degree Course in Biological Sciences, Degree courses in Physical Education and Sport Technique (Voghera Branch), Preventive Motory Education and Adapted (Pavia Office), of the Specialization Degree in Science and Techniques Sport and Management of Motor and Sport Activities at the University of Pavia. He also directed the Laboratory of Pharma-biochemistry and published numerous papers in scientific journals and author of as many publications as national and international conference proceedings.

chi siamo mark steele

Dr. Mark Steele

Mark Steele was born in Scott City Kansas, in the United States of America on July 23, 1961. He grew up in the countryside in the midst of large wheat fields and cow farms. As a boy he played American football, baseball, basketball and done athletics. From the age of 18 he devoted himself exclusively to basketball and won scholarships at the university to graduate playing. He was awarded an 'All American' award for both sport and study. In 1983 it was the third choice of the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA draft. He had to leave his sports career shortly afterwards due to an injury. He received his first 'Summa cum laude' degree in Earth Chemical and Plant Physiology from Colorado State University at the end of the same year. Determined to change course, he began chiropractic school graduating with full marks in 'Doctor of Chiropractic' at Palmer College of Chiropractic-West in 1987. From 1988 to 1990 he made his first work experience in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with famous chiropractor expert in applied kinesiology, Walter Schmidt DC. While learning kinesiology and chiropractic techniques he started playing beach volleyball becoming a semi professional. In 1990 he had the opportunity to come to Italy to work at the prestigious Sanrocco Chiropratica in Como where he still works. Having great personal experience in high-level sport, he knows sport very well, therefore, adding to this his knowledge in nutrition and nutrition, he can achieve the best performance both for high-level sportsman and the usual patient. He has taught nutrition and nutrition in numerous seminars and chiropractic courses in Italy and throughout Europe. Currently he applies his techniques exclusively to the Sanrocco Clinic patients who have problems of all kinds using chiropractic, food intolerance tests and nutritional evaluation.

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