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High digestibility, low glycemic index, rich in nutrients and active ingredients

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Equilibrium Food is born from the need for functional foods, for a truly healthy and balanced diet. Raw materials – like ancient grains – do not undergo artificially induced genetic manipulation (no GMOs, no radiation) and there is maximum control over pollutants.

Thanks to a fully traceable food chain and artisanal processing methods, we protect the nutritional value of the raw materials for a healthy diet, without sacrificing the pleasure of good food.

All the foods offered under the brand name Equilibrium Intelligent Food are the result of important scientific work that selects the best raw materials for their purity and for the absence of artificially induced genetic manipulations. In order to guarantee the total transparency of the supply chain to the final consumer, we carry out checks on the DNA of the wheat on all lots.

The control analyses are carried out by independent laboratories and can be consulted by anyone who wishes to do so. Careful control of possible contaminants, traceability of the food chain and the high amount of nutrients ensure a healthy diet for the well-being of your body and the environment.

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