Taste and health every day,
without compromise

Equilibrium Food is the safer, truly healthy food for a balanced diet.
Our certified organic products are functional to the body and the environment. Raw materials – like ancient grains – do not undergo artificially induced genetic manipulations (no GMOs, no irradiations) and there is full control over polluting agents.

All products are highly digestible, with a low glycemic index and rich in nutrients.
Thanks to a fully traceable food supply chain and traditional methods, we protect the nutritional value of raw materials for a safe diet, without sacrificing the pleasure of food.


Intelligent food

Our products are not simply organics but come from a passion for health combined with an important scientific work



We select raw materials that haven't undergone artificial manipulations and ensure maximum control over polluting agents


Healthy and tasty

Specific formulations guarantee a high amount of nutrients to your body without sacrificing the taste of food

Our products

All the Equilibrium Intelligent Food products are the result of important scientific work that selects the best raw materials for their purity and absence of artificially induced genetic manipulations.
To guarantee the total transparency of the supply chain to the final consumer, we certify ancient durum wheat DNA. Controls are carried out by independent laboratories.
The careful control of possible contaminants, the traceability of the food chainĀ and the high quantity of nutrients ensure maximum food safety for the wellbeing of your body and the environment.

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