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alimenti funzionali equilibrium food

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High digestibility, low glycemic index, rich in nutrients and active ingredients

alimenti funzionali equilibrium food

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alimenti funzionali equilibrium food

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alimenti funzionali equilibrium food

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Raw materials & formulations

Equilibrium Food was born from the need for functional foods, for a truly healthy and balanced diet.
The raw materials are selected for their compatibility with the human organism and their particular nutritional properties. No food uses ingredients that have undergone artificially induced genetic manipulation (no GMOs, no irradiation). The high presence of bioactive substances, such as turmeric and polyphenols, favors the correct functioning of the body and reduces the risk of contracting food-related diseases.

Production Processes & Safety

Equilibrium adopts the rules of organic and biodynamic agriculture by verifying that herbicides harmful to your health are not used.From the entire production chain, from production to storage, processes respectful of raw materials are followed to preserve their active ingredients and nutritional characteristics. to guarantee the consumer total transparency, we carry out checks on the DNA of the wheat used. The analyzes and certifications of the supply chain are carried out by independent laboratories and can be consulted by anyone who wishes. You can visit the Bio.Inspecta website to check our certification yourself by looking for processing companies at this link: http://bit.ly/2IF68M4

Taste & Health

Who said healthy foods can't be tasty too? A balanced diet is the first step to take care of yourself, but the palate also plays its part. That's why, during our research, we selected only the ingredients with the best taste and nutritional qualities. This is also the reason why we define our functional foods. Because in addition to being good and genuine, they bring concrete benefits to your health. With Equilibrium Food, highly digestible, low glycemic index, rich in nutrients and active ingredients useful for the body; you can finally follow a healthy and balanced diet without giving up the pleasure of good food.

Food supplements

Coming soon 5 food supplements based of: Curcuma Longa, Nigella Sativa, Boswellia Serrata and Camelina (Omega 3) to improve your nutrition and make your diet more and more functional .The active ingredients mentioned, in addition to being excellent food supplements based on natural extracts , can be particularly useful against rheumatic diseases affecting the joints, also useful as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and pain reliever in the small sports traumatology.Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

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